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Water bodies turn home for mosquitoes

...Hindu, February 24, 2012

Hussainsagar can be cleaned up: OU professor

...Hindu, February 10, 2012

Husain Sagar, more than just a lake

...Times of India, February 15, 2012

STP leaves Banjara lake on deathbed

...Times of India, January 25, 2012


Citizens Initiative for saving water bodies in Hyderabad

Meeting with HMDA Officers

The first meeting between a member of the Lake Protection Committee and SOUL was held on 18th September, 2010 at BPPA Office, Tank Bund, Hyderabad.

Minutes of HMDA and SOUL Meet on 18th Sep 2010

List of participants - Meeting on 18th Sep 2010

Presentation on the first meeting between Lake Protection Committee & SOUL