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Water bodies turn home for mosquitoes

...Hindu, February 24, 2012

Hussainsagar can be cleaned up: OU professor

...Hindu, February 10, 2012

Husain Sagar, more than just a lake

...Times of India, February 15, 2012

STP leaves Banjara lake on deathbed

...Times of India, January 25, 2012


Citizens Initiative for saving water bodies in Hyderabad


Golkonda Talab Set to Sink in Two Golf Holes
Construction on Historic Lake Bed Draws Strong Protests, Stalled
Memoirs of City Lakes soon
Land Sharks Ready to Grab Lakes
Hasmathpet Lakes Turns into Mosquito Breeding Ground
ORR Completion Permitted
Protected Lake Areas 'Grabbed'
Plastic Units Pollute City Reservoirs
Neglected Lake
All for Hussain Sagar
99 Tanks Founded Encroached
Realtors Encroach 950-year-old Lake
Road to Perdition
Hussain Sagar in Need of Plastic Surgery
State's Contaminated Hotspots Raise a Stink
Yellamma Cheruvu on Verge of Extinction
City Lakes See No Hope From 'Clueless' Protection Panel
Activists Protest Lake Enchroachment
The House Which Came Crashing Down, Was Constructed Illegally on Nala
Greens Cry Foul over Road Through Lake
Water Stagnation Haunts Mallikarjuna Nagar Residents
HMDA Acquire Land Along Musi
Nala Funds May Go Down the Drain
HMDA Wakes to Threat to City Lakes
Lake Adopted by IT Major Falls Prey to Land Sharks
Move to Protect Water Bodies
Lakes Fall Victim to Urbanisation
Water Hyacinth Spreads in Kathora Houz
Keep Durgam Cheruvu Clear of Waste: HC
Residents Near Durgam Cheruvu Cry Foul
Save a Lake, fill it
Hussain Sagar Shrinking by the Day
2008 - 2009
'Work on Lake Bank Illegal'
Restored Lakes Face Pollution Threats
The Erstwhile Rock Sagar has been Enchroached upon by Realtors with Just Rocks Lying Around
Lakes Become Cesspools
Yet Another City Lake Faces Extinction
An Annual Affair During Monsoon Season
Golkonda Talab Set to Sink in Two Golf Holes
Road Along Medikunta Lake Draws Protest From Civic Groups