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Citizens Initiative for saving water bodies in Hyderabad

The A.P. Water Land and Trees Act, 2002


Andhra Pradesh Water, Land and Trees Act 2002 is a comprehensive law enacted by the GOAP and it is a unique initiative in the country.

An Act to promote Water Conservation and Tree Cover and regulate exploitation and use of Ground and Surface water for protection and Conservation of Water Sources , Land and Environment and matters connected therewith or incidental thereto

This Act came into force w.e.f. 19-4-2002. This Act contains 6 chapters 47 sections and 30 rules.


1. To promote water conservation and Tree cover.
2. For protection and Conservation of water sources ,land and matters connected there with
3. To regulate the exploitation and use of ground and surface water

Ground Water Protection Measures provided in the Act are:

1. Registration of Wells (Section 8, Rule 12)
2. Prohibition of water pumping in certain areas (Section 9)
3. Permission for well and permission for well sinking near drinking water source (Section 10, Rule 13 and 14)
4. Over exploited areas (Section 11)
5. Protection of public drinking water sources (section 12)
6. Distance and depth for sinking wells (.Section 13)
7. Registration of drilling rigs (Section 14, rule 17).
8. Closure of Wells (Section 15)
9. Taking-over of well to ensure drinking water. (Rule 15)
10. Compensation for closed wells (Section 16)
11. Rain water harvesting structures (section 17, Rule 16)
12. Re-use of water (section 18)
13. Prohibition of water contamination. (Section 19)

Surface water protective measures provided in the Act are:

1. Land use and water quality (section 20, Rule 19) 2. Water use in water sheds (section 21) 3. Optimum use of surface and ground water (Section 22) 4. Protection of lakes, ponds and tanks (section 23) 5. Ceiling on water usage (Section 24, Rule 22) 6. Power to designate (Section 25) 7. Protection from breaches (Section 26) 8. Sand mining (Section 27)


Summary about the AP Walta Act